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The 21-Day Life Reset Challenge Makes It Easy:
Find the power and positivity in your relationships with others - and most importantly in your relationship with YOURSELF...
Where You Live
Remove the temptations, distractions, and hidden dangers that are holding you back - Turn your home into a sanctuary that is supportive of your success...
Your Health
More ENERGY, better SLEEP, no more BLOATING, saying goodbye FOREVER to a few unwanted pounds, and SIMPLY FEELING AMAZING!
The invitation-only private challenge Facebook group connects you with 24/7 support from challenge staff and those that are on this journey with you.  Judgement-free place to talk, listen, and connect...
Space is limited, and registration closes for good prior to the challenge kick-off on January 13.
The Challenge Works...
"I can't believe the results! It's been amazing, mind-changing, LIFE-changing!"
- Betsy | Utah
"The things that I think about now are staying healthy for my friends, my family, and most importantly for MYSELF. The funnest thing was when I got to put on a pair of smaller pants and I was like "Yay! It's working!""
- Laura | Illinois
"I noticed a difference right away - I had more energy, my body was starting to change, and my mind was really clear."
- Mildred | California
Plus Personal Training Daily With Dr. Wallace
Get first-hand guidance on the simple step you need to take TODAY to reach your goals!
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Why The Challenge Is Such A Great Value:
Daily Plan
Know EXACTLY what simple and specific steps you need to take each day to move you toward your goals in your health and relationships. Dr. Wallace will present daily LIVE to keep you on track and headed for success...
The Tools
Get access to all the tools you need to make those big changes - The Daily Success Journal, Daily Action Step Assignments, and Never-Before-Released access to the energy-boosting dietary program created by Dr. Wallace based on over 20 years of practice. This diet (not yet available ANYWHERE but inside this challenge) is the first to use what you eat to help you get the MOST out of everything life has to offer - more energy, mental clarity, better sleep, improved body composition, weight normalizaiton...
You'll be added as a member to the challenge support community where you will be able to give and receive the support and encouragement needed to get us all to our goals TOGETHER! The community also offers 24/7 support with questions and a place to get to know each other and interact with the group and with Dr. Wallace.
Nearly a $2,000 value inside Dr. Wallace's practice - Only $47!
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